Gin whit juniper berries and citrus

A gin that is an infusion of all the typical aromas and flavors of the Etna area: Juniper, Ginestra and Bitter Orange characterize it from the cedar giving freshness, accentuated by the balsamic quality of the fennel. Hazelnuts are also added in the infusion to give a thick and round tone. Amaravigghia Gin is well structured, balanced and persistent in the mouth, the broom gives an interesting sweet / bitter contrast. The botanicals, having grown on the slopes of the volcano, have a very interesting and unique mineral note. The distillate is designed to be drunk neat and not only: Great care not only in the development of research through the exaltation of territoriality, but also in the study of packaging, of great impact, of artisan production. Alcohol: 40%

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries have a sweet and aromatic taste. They contain juniper, sugar, resin, potassium and calcium acetate. They are spherical in shape as big as a pea, green in colour, while when ripe they become blue-black with silver reflections. In addition to being the main ingredient of the Gin liqueur, its essential oil is used for its multiple properties. The fruits of Juniperus Communis are berries.