Who we are

A company that has created a brand in the sector of bitters. liqueurs and distillates with typical connotations of infusions from the Sicilian territory that aim for excellence in the beverage sector.

Amaro liqueurs and distillates with the aromas and scents of Sicily

Bronte Pistachios D.O.P.

Pistachios are the famous "Green Gold" of Bronte, whose plants grow on the west side of the volcano. With an emerald green color and an unmistakable flavour, they are the main ingredient of our pistachio liqueur.


The oranges are harvested in winter, when the fruits take on that distinguishes them. The oranges of the plain of Catania are known above all for their unique taste, thanks to the ash from Etna which fertilizes the land.

The processing

All the raw materials are first washed, cleaned and cut, finally immersed in a container full of pure grain alcohol. Everything is left to macerate for a period of time, a process that is used to extract the aroma and perfumes. This infusion, called alcoholate, is then mixed with water and sugar, and finally, to prevent the creation of sediments, the product is left to rest for a couple of days.